15 Months Old

Well hey there Silly Face!
These last few months have been very busy for you. So many leaps and bounds going on, it's just crazy.
You are finally walking the majority of the time. You started taking more than 3 steps at a time around 13 months old. But you still preferred to crawl. But now, just two months after that you are walking all over the place and crawling less and less. At first you had to pull yourself up on things to stand and take off walking. Then if you fell you would just crawl. Which was interesting because usually babies figure out how to stand up from a sitting or crawling position before they learn to walk. But now just over the last couple of days you have finally started to figure out how to do it and I believe that is why you are walking so much more now. Almost 100%! I'm going to miss having a crawling baby, but it was so fun while it lasted.
With all of that being said, that just means you are that much more busy and getting into EVERYTHING. You area such a climber as well. You climb on top of the toilets, onto chairs then onto the table, on top of toy boxes, onto the couch, onto the rocking chair.... you get the idea. Just today you got your first shiner by climbing onto the arm of the couch then doing a nose dive, head first into your toy box before Daddy or I could catch you. We're just happy you weren't hurt worse. We have a feeling this won't be your least injury with how much of a daredevil you are.
You are saying a few little words. But you are saying them ALL the time. You are a pretty vocal kid! Your most used word is "mama." You mostly say that when you want something. Of course. If someone is holding you, you will reach and say "mama" over and over. So everyone thinks you're reaching for me. But little do they know that you do the same thing even when I'm holding you. I think it's more of a "Mama, get me this thing I'm reaching for," not "I want my mama!" Although it does mean that occasionally. You will also say "dada" when you are just in the mood to talk and think you are being silly. You also say "oh," "uh-oh" (a lot), and you even say your name! The rest is mostly baby babble and not many discernable words.
You hair is get pretty long, and unfortunately it looks like you're losing some of your curls I was raving over before. They still pop out every now and then, but not as tight of a curl as before. Maybe when I'm ready to cut your hair we'll experiment and see if they curls will come back when it is a certain length.
In my last post I was pretty frustrated with our nursing relationship and wanted to stop. I am happy to say that after I went to the Women's Conference with the ladies in the family and left you home with Daddy for 5 hours, we are good to go! You are finally taking a sippy cup and are only nursing first thing in the morning, naps and bedtime. Which also means you are finally getting really good at sleeping through the night. Now that I am not your main source of food or pacifier anymore I am very happy with our nursing relationship. I am happy to go as long as you'd like, or until it gets weird. Just over the last couple of days at nap time you seem to not want to nurse as much. I am not sure if that means you are self weaning, or if I am drying up. Time will tell.
You have also been getting a few molars. Two on top and two on bottom. Poor guy! It kind of looks funny right now since you have a gap between the 4 front teeth and then the molars. So cute though!
I weighed you on our home scale today and I have to say I'm a bit worried. It says you are weighing just over 18 pounds. I know I shouldn't compare, but when Tanner was your age he was already 20 pounds and he's always been the small one! But you are still much taller than he was. I am also worried about what your Dr is going to say at your appointment next week. You are a very happy baby and you eat all the time, so it's not like you're starving. It is like you have piranhas in your tummy. And with how active you are, you are probably burning it all off as soon as your done eating. The only thing is that you really don't drink that much. You only drink when you nurse in the morning, naps and bedtime, and you also have a sippy cup of milk at lunch but you hardly drink any of it. You'll have some water in a sippy cup as well, but not much. So we got you some pediasure to see if that can pack on some weight. I guess we'll just see what your Dr says next week!
You are still in size 3 diapers and have finally gone up a size or 2 in clothing. You will wear anywhere from 6 months to 12 months clothes. So you are just tall and skinny! And now that you're walking, you are wearing a size 4 in shoes. You skipped right over the first couple of sizes that we saved for you from Tanner. Which also means you went right to hard sole shoes since it is pretty hard to find soft sole shoes in your size (at least that don't cost an arm and a leg). I'm pretty sad about that since you haven't been able to get used to walking in shoes before you couldn't feel the ground under you. But you have been dong very very well. 

Weight: 18.13 pounds
Height: 30.5 inches
You are so loved, and we couldn't imagine life without you!
Maamamamamama and Dadadadadadadaada

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