Father's Day 2015

I really hope Kollin had a good Father's Day. He got to sleep in for a little while and the boys and I gave him a U of U jersey (what he's wearing in the pictures) as a gift.
We really needed to go grocery shopping and do a lot during the day, so it was unfortunately a very hectic and busy day for everyone.
We wanted to make a Grandpa apron for Grandpa Stark for Father's Day since all of the grandkids were in town and could get their handprints. We also decided to make one for Grandma Stark. It was fun getting all of the kids covered in paint and letting them write their own names (the ones who can write) by their handprints after everything was done. They turned out so cute!
This year we both got to spend time with our dads since Grandpa Stark was in town. 
First we went over to see Great Grandma Stark since that is where Grandpa Stark was. We took advantage and got some really great 4 generations pictures with both Tanner and Chase! This is the first time we have been able to do 4 generation pictures with Grandpa Stark.
We gave Grandpa Stark the apron and he was so touched. It seemed like it took him a little bit to process it, but then he got very emotional and started to cry. I was tearing up behind the camera trying to take pictures!
Then we went to my dad's for dinner and got to eat great food and visit. My dad is so hard to shop for, but I found him the perfect card! I also had Tanner sign it. Everyone got a kick out of it when he opened it.
I wish I got a closer picture of their names. I'm sure I will someday with Grandma's apron.

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