Tanner's First Swimming Lessons

 Tanner just finished his first session of swimming lessons. He happened to be the only one in his class, so we got private lessons for the price of public! It was really nice that his teacher was able to have her undivided attention on him, but it also made it a little hard since he sometimes didn't want to listen to her since he got so comfortable with the 1 on 1.
Either way, he has made huge steps in becoming more comfortable in the water. By the second lesson his teacher already had him laying on his back which we have never been able to get him to do, not even in the bath tub. She has also gotten him to lay on his back while swimming which is wonderful since we could barely get him to swim with us on his belly!
He has now started the next session of lessons at a level higher. So we shall see what he learns now!
Chase being such a good little cheering section.

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