Painting the bedroom

We finally decided to paint our bedroom (in JUNE) and got rid of that disgusting brown accent wall. I had taken all these pictures and completely forgot to blog it!

Here is how it went down:

Yo, Daddy, this brown wall is making me want to cry. Get rid of it!
 It's making me go cross eyed, but I am willing to micro-manage this project.
 Here's the tape, and get started!
 Nope, not good enough. Gimme that tape and I'll show you....
 Oops... got a little carried away... 
 Ok, so now that it is all taped off, get painting!
  This is boring, I'm taking a nap. No slacking while I'm gone!
 I said no slacking! Back to work!
  You guys need a closer eye kept on you.
Before (ick)
After (ahhhh)

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