Cousin Andrew's big #2!

Tanner and I went to Aunt Carler's for Cousin Andrew's 2nd birthday party! His birthday is actually on the 31st, but Clark, Megan and him will be back in Miami by then. So we celebrated early.

Tanner was a little fussy cuz he had some shots at his 6 month appointment the day before.
 But the one time he acctually didn't fuss was when I took him into the pool.
 It was his first time in a swimming pool and only the second time in a big body of water. (first time was Lake Powell)
 We have to protect his scar from the sun for the first year, so I still had him in one of his onesies. But he still did great!
 In the pool with Clark and Andrew
 Aunt Bippy holding the Mr. Tanner
 My buddy Katie also got to hold him. We think it is so great that our younger siblings go married so we see eachother at family things!
 The Birthday Boy
 We got him some garbage truck toys since Megan and Clark say he just loves garbage trucks right now. They were a hit!

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