6 Months Old

6 months old. grrrr
I think my step sister said it best on her blog when her little one turned 6 months. It was something like he is now closer to being a year old than closer to birth. NOT COOL!
But he is getting more and more entertaining! So many more new things have happened this month....
Kollin, Grandma Stark and myself have been working on teaching him how to do raspberries. And he finally did it for the first time a week or so ago. It is hilarious and we all get a good laugh when he does it. Cept for the slobber that needs to be cleaned off his chin and chest afterward.
If I said he was squirmy before? He is definitely squirmy now. I will put him down in his crib or on his tummy time mat, and when I look at him a little while later he will be in a completely different spot from where I placed him. It takes him a little bit to scoot to where he ends up, but I am officially saying he's a scooter! He is also getting pretty hard to change his diaper. He is constantly rolling from side to side and I feel like I need another couple arms and hands to get his diaper on.
He's getting pretty strong too! When he is on his tummy time mat, he ends up scooting to one corner and will grab one of the arch things with either his hands or legs and tip the entire thing over on himself. It is so funny and cute, I just haven't caught a video of it because he stops what he's doing as soon as he notices someone is watching. pfft
He is also slobbering A LOT. I feel like I am constantly cleaning off his chin and am surprised it isn't all raw. He is also eating his hands and fingers and anything else he can put in his mouth all the time. He has also been a little extra fussy the last few days. I'm guessing we may be expecting some teeth soon?
He also started solids while we were in Lake Powell. He had rice cereal, and mashed banana in Powell. He has also had the baby food banana, pears, apple sauce and we just tried beans last night. He is loving the fruits, but not so much on the veggies or rice cereal.
Along with the solids came the more solid (and stinky)baby poop! His poops were never that bad in my opinion when his entire diet was breast milk. Sure, it was runny at times and seeped out of his diapers. But this stuff is a whole new story. ew
He is also sitting up on his own now! Most of the time you have to sit him just right for him to not topple over. But the last couple of days he has been doing much better and not needing as much positioning. Still isn't sitting himself up yet, and I can't wait for the day I go to get him out of his crib in the morning or after a nap and find him sitting in there waiting for me!
He also got his first hair cut! I always said I would refuse to cut his hair and probably would let it grow out really long... But I could tell it was really starting to bother him so we decided to cut it. I think Kollin and I did pretty good for our first time! Even if we didn't, it's just hair, it'll grow back.
This is starting to get so much more fun! Don't ever stop being the sweetheart that you are.
Weight: 15 lbs 9 oz
Length: 25 inches
I love you so much!

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griggsy said...

Time flys! Hold him as much as you can! I love his hair!!