So last night Tanner fell asleep in his swing. I figured I would transfer him to his crib later on, so I unbuckled him so it would be easier to get him out of the swing without waking him up.

Apparently, I fell asleep on the couch and woke back up when I heard him fussing a little bit.

When I looked at him his top half was still in the swing, and his bum and legs were HANGING OVER THE EDGE. I guess he woke up and was having a grand old time squirming around after he figured out he wasn't buckled in. Hey was face down, so he had somehow also figured out how to roll over.

He looked a bit like this:

Of course, as soon as I saw what was going on I grabbed him.

I really wish I got a picture of it since it was actually quite funny looking with him just hanging there. But being the (hopefully) good and responsible parent I am, I grabbed the dangling baby instead of the camera so he wouldn't fall out completely since he was still a little ways off the ground.

So this little rendering I drew will have to do, and use your imagination for the rest....

Squirmy little devil!

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