Happy to be Home

One year ago today we were finally able to bring our 20 day old baby home for the very first time.

I remember being so excited and sending posts to FaceBook as often as possible to let people know our progress on the journey home.

Our journey to get home started with waiting for the shuttle to come and pick us up from the Ronald McDonald House in LA to take us to the airport. It showed up pretty close to on time and we were on our way!

The driver was kind of crazy, but I guess that's normal for LA drivers? I remember I kept lurching forward to make sure Tanner was ok with every swerve or break the driver did.

We got to the airport and to the gate with no issues at all. Going through the security check with Tanner and the car seat was a bit of an adventure though. I had to take Tanner out of the car seat and carry him with me through the metal detector. It made me worry since his car seat canopy was my shield for him from any germs, so I had him completely covered up with a blanket. It probably looked like I was nursing him.

Only his little feet were sticking out. Some of the security ladies saw them and commented how tiny he was and asked how old he was. I told them he was one day short of being 3 weeks old and we are finally going home after him having open heart surgery. They were so helpful in getting his car seat through the scanner fast so I could get him back in it and shielded again! The only issue is that the guy that put the car seat through put it upside down with the inside of the canopy touching the belt. grrr

Once we got on the plane I just held him with a blanket covering him the entire flight. And he slept the entire time up until we were coming in to land!

Then we drove home and were finally able to relax and snuggle our baby.

Home Sweet Home!

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