Let's Get This Party Started

We had Tanner's first birthday party and it was a blast!
The day before Kollin and I baked up all the cupcakes and cake for Tanner.
 All ready for the party!
 I think it all turned out pretty cute.
 *BEFORE* the cake
 *during* the cake
 *AFTER* the cake
 Yay for balloons!
It was such a great time to have as many friends and family with us that could make it.

I know that he had no clue what was going on and that these parties for one or two year olds are just for the adults. So I will just say that Tanner us adults had a great time! Tanner we are loving his presents! Tanner we loved seeing everyone today!

Ok, ok. I'm sure that Tanner really did enjoy all of those things as well. As with all kids, I'm sure that his favorite parts were the cake he got to dig into and of course the presents!

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