Painting.... again.

Kollin have been working on painting the house we are going to be moving in to.

There have been some changes since my last post about where we will be living. Kollin's mom has decided that she wanted the basement and that we could have the main floor! I was happy with either part of the house since the entire thing is being fixed up so well. But I have been so excited to be able to have the main floor since it is a little more spaced out and bigger.

We have been going through the process of doing a short sale on our house and there is currently a cash offer on the table. So once that is approved by the bank we will be moving pretty quickly. It's still going to be a while, but at least the ball is finally rolling!

So today we started painting our new part of the house. We are going with a completely new (well sorta) color scheme. I had the idea to do very light colors so our dark furniture would kind of pop out more.

In the kitchen we are doing a very light green, living room a very light tan and Tanner's room a very light purple. That purple we put in his room in the basement was just way too bright and we were not getting used to it. There really isn't any use in posting pictures of the colors since any pictures that I've taken you can't even tell. It all just looks white.

We got samples of a couple different shades for each room to test out yesterday. As we were painting them on different parts of the walls to see how they would look in different lighting they all looked so white! It was a little worrisome at first, but knew that once the entire wall was that color we would be able to see the color in them much better instead of a patch on a dark wall.

We got 1 coat done in the kitchen and in Tanner's room and they both look amazing. I am getting even more excited! We'll be going back tomorrow for the second coats and to paint the living room.

Here are some pictures we took during the day that I just had to post:

Tanner was getting pretty crabby and we decided to try to put him down for a nap. He hadn't napped in the last few days so there was not any guarantee that it was going to work. I held him to my chest, sat on Kathy's bed downstairs and rocked him back and forth while singing "Baby's Boat a Silver Moon."

For the first time since he was teeny tiny he actually fell asleep in my arms! It was the sweetest thing, I didn't want to put him down! I set him down in the middle of Kathy's bed and snapped this sweet picture. He is growing up so fast, but moments like this remind me that he is still my baby.
I wanted to get his hand prints on the wall in his room before it was completely painted. We had some fun!
Most of the day I was downstairs with Tanner to keep him away from the paint. So Kollin pretty much painted the entire house by himself. Isn't he amazing?

As Tanner was toddling around he discovered the cookie sheet slot in the kitchen. So he decided to climb into it! That thing is only about 9 inches across.
Hopefully we'll be able to finish everything up tomorrow!

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