9 Months Old!

My crazy kid!

This month has been a fun one. 

A little bit of you being a mama's boy came back, but not terribly. As long as whoever is able to distract you with something you do well. You also look for Daddy and me as we hand you over to someone to see if it is ok. I can't remember what Grandma Cannon called it, but she says it is a very good thing to look for us to approve and that it is ok to go to someone else.

You are talking up a storm finally! You are saying "mama," "dada," and tons of other consonants and sounds. One of our favorites that you do right now is this little Chewbacca noise. I call you a baby Chewy, or baby wookie. It is so funny and you do it all the time.

You are getting even faster with your crawling and cruising. Lately you like to come up behind Daddy or me and pulling yourself up on our legs. That makes it a little difficult to move or to even pick you up since it's hard to turn around without moving our legs and cause you to fall. You seem to have figured that out that it will immobilize us for a moment because you laugh so much when you do it.

We have tried stage 3 baby foods with you but you are still gagging on any that have chunks of veggies or noodles in them. I gave you some small pieces of bread last night and you did really well, so hopefully we're making progress.

You are very interested in your tongue right now. You are constantly sticking it out, moving it around and licking almost anything you can get to. You don't really put things in your mouth very much. Which is nice, but also makes it hard for you to start eating more solid things and feeding yourself. We'll get there though, I'm sure.

Still 2 bottom teeth. But you can see 4 top teeth working their way down. Nothing has popped through yet. You sure are drooling and chewing on your fingers a lot. So we'll see when that will happen.

Yesterday at your well child visit you are in the 25% for height and have dropped down to the 10% for weight. That alarmed me a little, but I'm also not very surprised with how active you are. I asked if that is something to be worried about and your Dr said no, but he's going to check you again at a year old and see if we need to look into power packing. I'm sure you're fine though since Daddy and I are not very big people and your big brother Tanner is a shrimp. Looks like you're just tall and skinny! 
You are out of 3-6 month clothes now. There are a couple of onesies that still fit you. I have also gotten out more 6-9 clothes. I'm also probably going to get out some 9 month clothes soon. You legs are so long that your footie pajamas and pants always seem too short.

Weight: 18 pounds
Height: 29 inches

We love you!
mamamamama and dadadadadadada

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