Christmas 2014

  Christmas this year was such a fun day.
Christmas morning before the two little tornadoes hit.
  We had a nice Christmas morning at home opening presents and had breakfast with Grandma Stark.
These boys totally scored. I mostly got videos of the kids opening their presents, so unfortunately there's not much to put on here.
Tanner's favorite gifts were his Paw Patrol action figures and his bike.
Chase seems like he is really liking his elephant and train.

We then went to Grandma and Grandpa Richens' house for more presents and dinner.
I couldn't help myself! He was playing with a bunch of ribbons and paper from the presents, so I just had to stick one on his head. So cute!
Tanner received another bike from Great Grandma and Grandpa! This one is a glider bike and will be the perfect transition to his bigger bike (since it's a little too big for him, oops)
Of course his favorite each year is Great Grandpa's train.

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