New Year's Eve 2014

  Grandma and Grandpa Cannon's house is truly a fun place for grandkids. 
Grandma Cannon is always saying that she wants the kids to have fun and have great memories of their home, and I think she has gone above and beyond.

This year they set up lots of different carnival type games throughout the house. First the kids went, and then the adults. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of that part of the evening, but it was really fun.
After all the games were done we tallied up the scores and the highest scorers for different games got prizes.
These laser guns were some of the prizes the kids got.
  At "midnight" (8:30 or so) we did a countdown and celebrated the New Year with horns, noisemakers and balloons.
When it was the New Year Grandpa Cannon and Russell dumped a bunch of balloons from the loft on top of all the boys. The funny part is that they boys were concentrating so hard on their horns and noisemakers that they didn't even notice the balloons! It was pretty hilarious.
Chase also started mastering the stairs. He fell once, but he looked like he was having fun and was so proud of himself.

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