Silver Rush

  This year Riverton High School chose Intermountain Healing Hearts for their charity to donate to for their annual Silver Rush.

These teenagers were so amazing with all of our Heart kids! It was so touching to watch them play and interact with these little kids. It really gives you hope for humanity.

They had many activities going on for 3 weeks to raise money and have fun with these kids.

On night they had a tailgate party before a basketball game. We had pizza, did activities and Santa came!
They were both looking at the camera and not crying! Although as soon as Chase turned his head and noticed who was holding him he started to lose it until Kollin rushed forward and picked him back up. It was pretty funny.
These girls were Tanner's "buddies" for the night. They were so fun and he just fell in love with them.
The last day of Silver Rush many of us went to the closing assembly.
They had a few videos that just made you cry, and at the very end they pulled up this banner with the total amount that they raised for IHH! 
Needless to say there was not a dry eye in the entire gym. Even the tough looking teenage boys were crying and hugging everyone. 
It was such a breath of fresh air to see how much these high school students care and truly cared for our children.
(yes, that is a 1 at the top!)

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