37 weeks ~ belly update.

37 weeks! Full term! I'm done! Wait...

Maybe not. I had another Dr. appointment today, and there has not been any progress in dilation or effacement. Still the same as last week. Oh well.

Just some other stats... I gained 1lb since last week, but my belly is still measuring the same as last week (34cm). So where did that pound go to?? He also says the baby is weighing about 6lbs, head still down and feeling fine. The Dr. also said that my placenta is starting to calcify, which can be normal. But he is wanting me to do stress tests every week from now on just to make sure the baby isn't stressing out because of it. The test today went just fine. The baby sounds great and not stressing. Whew! It is at least good to know that I am officially full term, and he can come any day and be perfectly fine. Of course, the longer he is in there (but not too long), the better. But I want him out! Hurry up kiddo!


Camille said...

You look GREAT!!!! Can't wait to see pictures of this little man. Does he have a name yet, or is it a secret? Are you all ready for him? Well I will be waiting for more updates to come soon!!!

Ali said...

No name yet. We decided to just take a list to the hospital and decide once we see what he looks like.

We are pretty much ready! Can't wait!