An Invitation to Our Gummybear

Dear Baby, So we are 38 1/2 weeks into you cooking away! This last week has been starting to get a little agonizing playing the waiting game and wishing you would just get here already. It's not because I am uncomfortable, I can deal with that no problem. It is because both Dad and I are so excited to meet you and know that you are healthy and ok. You see, Dad and I are two very impatient people. Although I think he is dealing with this better than I am. We have been trying to get you to come out this past week, and it doesn't seem like anything is working. We have done lots of walking, spicy foods, bumpy roads, stairs and we even went to our favorite club last night and I tried to dance you out! I know that the truth is that you won't make any move until you are good and ready, and I don't even know if what we have been trying is even making a difference. For all I know, it's making you want to stay in there longer. With that being said, I am extending a formal invitation to you, that it is ok for you to make your debut. You have mine and Dad's full permission to officially become a part of our family, and that you will be just fine, happy and so incredibly loved by so many people. There are actually a lot more people besides just Dad and me waiting to meet you! My doctor even says that it is just fine for you to make your appearance as well. If that isn't official permission, then I don't know what is! I have tried to make a good home for you these last 38 1/2 weeks, and really hope that it has been good enough for you to be able to have developed well with all working parts. But the home you will be coming to when you are out here? Wow! See, there's Dad... He is an incredibly goofy and fun guy. He drives a BIG truck for his job that you will just love! That is, if you are like any typical little boy and love anything that has to do with cars and trucks. I'm sure he'll let you sit in it and even honk the horn! He also does these really funny voices that make me love him even more, and make kids either laugh like crazy, or wonder what the heck is wrong with him. He loves cartoons, and is a great jungle gym. He's got these arms that are so warm and inviting, they can put any child at ease, so you will for sure be very comfortable in them. You also have a brother... He doesn't live with us, but you should still see him a whole bunch. He is a fun guy and I know he will just love you. He has another little brother that I hear he has a ball with and is a really cool big brother already. He really likes cars, trucks and motorcycles right now, and will for sure share with you. There is Grandma... She lives downstairs. Isn't that cool? You will be one lucky kid to be able to see her everyday. She is an awesome grandma too. She will actually get down on the ground and play with you. She'll even let you make a huge mess of her house and spray crazy string on her! There is also your big sister, Chloe... She's not like normal big sisters though. She's all covered in white hair, has two brown spots on the top of her head, a tail, floppy ears and walks on all fours (kind of like how you will for a little while before you figure out walking on just two feet is more fun). She's a few years older than you, but you will be bigger than her very soon. She is a lot of fun to play with and won't mind if you pull her hair, ears or tail. Then there's me... I'm the one you will call Mom, Mommy, Ma ma or whatever works best for you. I am just hoping I can live up to whatever name you decide to call me. I guess I'm pretty cool too. I don't mind getting dirt under my nails and I like to play with bugs, watch and play sports, go camping and dink around with cars. I make awesome cookies that were your Grandma Cannon's (my mom's) recipe. Trust me, they are good. We are all so excited to meet you. We are pretty fun people. I'm sure you will like it here. So come on out!! xoxo mom

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