Just a Short One...

Remember me saying that I haven't been that uncomfortable in my last post? Pfft! That's a thing of the past. I'm getting pretty uncomfortable over the past few days. I guess during that time that I was doing pretty good was just the calm before the storm. My hips and pubic bone still aren't too tender, but there are times when they act up.
I have also been having one Hell of a time trying to sleep at night. I've gotten to the point were I can't even sleep in bed anymore, and I just stay out on the couch all night. I'm hating it, since I get even less time with Kollin and can't snuggle with him. I think last night was the first night I actually got some decent sleep in the past couple of weeks.
One fun thing is yesterday I had my maternity photo shoot with my friend Barb. She is an awesome photographer and have always loved her work. I can't wait to get the pictures!!
Well that's it for now! Toldja it'd be a short one. I'm off to take a warm bath to try to feel a little better. mmmm....

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