2011 in Review {in pictures!}

37 weeks pregnant

Welcome to the world Tanner!

 Tanner @ Primary's
 Tanner @ CHLA just after surgery
 All of us @ the Ronald McDonald House in LA
 5 weeks old
Blessing day
Scottish Festival in their kilts!
4th of July Fireworks @ Bee's Stadium
 Lake Powell

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Camille said...

It always amazes me when I look back over the year that we are finishing and see the things that were accomplished. And I think often to myself that if I had been told that these were the things I was going to have to go through there is no way I could handle it, but as it is actually given to us some at a time and we learn, trust, and grow then look back we think "well it wasn't that bad after all." and "wow look what I was able to do" and "I am just glad it wasn't worse." It makes me think, Wow there is a Father in Heaven who really knows me and what I can handle and thanks to Him trusting in me I am able to handle things better or differently from here out. Though at the time I am learning I am not always grateful in hindsight I can say that the things I learn along the way I am grateful for. Isn't it good we have a new years to help us see and grow a little more?