10 Months Old

10 months? 2 more months and he'll be a year!
Where did the time go?

He is so much fun and as always, the happy little guy that he's always been.
He's still pretty tiny. Still in 3-6 month clothing, but probably going to switch soon since they are starting to get a little small.

This month had a few new things. I guess the new milestones are starting to slow down for now, or I just haven't really noticed anything that new.

Kollin and I got married this last month, and Tanner was our cute little ring bearer/best man/silly face. He was so darn cute in his little kilt!

Chloe is actually starting to play with him more, and not just avoid him. It may be because he's more mobile or that he drops food for her?

It is so funny to see him crawling now. Depending on what type of surface he is on will depend on what crawl he does. On carpet it is usually the "normal" baby crawl. Then on hard wood or tile or something slippery, it is the gorilla or peg leg crawl. So fun to watch him switch between them and really get cruising around the house.

We also had our first Thanksgiving with him. He liked the mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and rolls!

Last month I could feel one of his fangs coming in. Now I can see it, and also see the tooth right next to it (eye tooth?) coming in! Still no top front teeth though. I can see them coming down though, just not surfacing yet. Silly kid.

He is also still very verbal. At least around us. When he is somewhere new or new people are around he is of course shy and very quiet. Once he gets warmed up though, he's a little chatter box. His favorite "words" are still "ba ba ba ba," and "mama." He is starting to say them all in different tones though. He is still doing the growl thing, is now whispering and is doing this funny little voice that I can't decide if I want to call it Donald Duck, a gremlin or a zombie. But you get the idea of what it sounds like.

We are having so much fun with you around and can't wait to spend these holidays with you for the first time! (although you won't know what's going on)

I love you more and more all the time.


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