9 years.

I've been sitting here for 20 minutes watching my cursor blink. Nothing is coming to mind to say or write. Only fun memories of you are coming to mind. So I'm guessing that is what I should write about this year....
You love to crunch ice. I was never able to figure out how you could do it. I would try to stick a whole cube in my mouth like you do and would have to spit it back out a few seconds later from being so cold.

Your hand writing is beautiful. I would love to watch you write. You would use a calligraphy pen even to write your checks. On this same note you would constantly be writing with your index finger. I pointed it out to you and you never realized you were doing it.

We would always say the only think on your body that was smaller than on my body were your ankles. I have always had kind of bigger ankles from spraining them so much when I was younger and also never had that definition between my calf muscle to my ankle no matter now much I worked out. I just love your legs.

We have matching birth marks on our right thighs. I've always thought that was pretty cool.

You have this freckle on the front of one of your two front teeth. You mentioned to Clark and me that you were going to get it bleached. Both of us kind of freaked out on you and told you not to. That it was a "mom thing" and you wouldn't be the same without it. You never bleached it.

I always knew that if I didn't see you at the kitchen window as I was walking to the side door of the house coming home from school, I could find you downstairs at your sewing machine.

One year as we were driving home from Lake Powell you were driving and I was navigating (Dad wasn't with us). I accidentally told you to take a wrong turn and you got so scared when we realized what happened and Dad wasn't there to fix it. It made me feel so bad that I caused you to feel that way. But I was able to get us turned around and back in the right direction which calmed you down.

The last time we went to Disneyland before Clark went on his mission. You were willing to ride almost all of the rides with us and wear these stupid little fuzzy antennae with your daughters. The best part was when we rode that rocket ride thing (I can't remember the name). You freaked out as the ride was either shooting up or dropping down and all 4 of us kids laughed SO hard at you. I loved it.

There was almost always an opened can of Diet Coke in the fridge. That I would steal sips from.

You would always get emotional and cry and the most random things. Ok, so that is more of a Grandma Clark thing. But it sure trickled down to all of her kids and now I think I've got it too.

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Marsh Mayhem said...

Ali, I just love these posts of yours. I still hope that when I grow up, I'll be like Alice.