2012 in Review

No news is good news right? This year has been so uneventful I am having trouble thinking of things to write about in this review. Which is SUCH a good thing when it comes to us. Let's go through my calendar and see what I can find....

Of course first and foremost, Tanner turned 1! It was a big deal. A big deal because there was the possibility that he could have not been with us for his 1 year birthday. First birthdays are a huge celebration and milestone in the heart world.

Doctor appointments are a big deal to us, especially cardiology appointments. Tanner had a sedated echo in April. It went so well! They were able to sedate him much easier than the last time and we received the best news possible for our situation. Dr. Minich was impressed with how Tanner was doing and told us that she didn't want to see him for an entire year! (before this we were seeing her every 6 months, so stretching it out to annual appointments was a big deal) 

We had lots of IHH events and different play dates with our heart buddies. This was a big highlight this year at least for me. I don't know where I'd be if I didn't have this support group or these families in my life now. I didn't find them until Tanner was almost a year old and I don't know how I got through that first year without them. I hope that the friendships that I am making will become life long relationships for me and Tanner as well. And hopefully we can get Kollin more involved next year! *wink wink*

Kollin and I also had our 1 year wedding anniversary. We kept saying to each other that it seems like it's been way longer than just a year. In a good way. Technically it has been 3, but it still seems even longer than that with everything that we've been through in the last little while and that it seems like we've always been together.

Other than this there really hasn't been that much that happened this year. Isn't that great?!? I am looking forward to new adventures with my little family. We are going to be moving soon and hopefully there will be more little Starks on the way soon!

Happy New Year!

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