December Mish Mash

This next week is going to be pretty crazy and I'm sure I'm going to take a ton of pictures.
So here is what has happened so far in December while I have time to relax and do this!

We went to the George Q Cannon Christmas party.
Tanner was such a turd almost the entire time. At the beginning there wasn't anything we could do to keep him from throwing a fit. He wouldn't eat dinner (he ate shortly before), and wouldn't even take a cookie when I tried to pacify him. I finally just let him run around in the hallways. Which made for a really fun time for mom and dad.
Once the program was starting he still wasn't having it. So I let him run around as long as he wasn't running to the front of the room where people were speaking.

Then it was time for Santa! All of the little kids get to go up and ring bells while everyone sings Jingle Bells so Santa can hear us and come.
Tanner was able to go up this year and ring a bell. When Santa came Ho-Ho-Hoing into the room I had tears in my eyes to see that Tanner was able to participate in this. As you can see in the video he didn't know what was going on, but I'm sure he'll catch on in years to come!

and of course the dreaded Santa with the toddler picture

We went to go see the Live Nativity in Bonneville Glen.
My dad came with us and we were able to pet the animals.
I hadn't been to this in years and it was so fun to be able to share it with my little family and for my dad to be there with us.

Aunt Carler threw a Clark cousin family dinner at her house.
She has been doing these monthly for a while but this was the first one we've been able to go to lately.
It was so much fun to see a bunch of our Clark cousins that we don't see very often.
The kids also loved watching Cinderella and eating grapes.

I became an aunt again!
Clark and Megan had their little girl.
Isabel Alice
She is a beautiful tiny little thing.
This is the first granddaughter on my side of the family, so we will all be tightly wound around her little fingers!

We went to Hire's and Temple Square with my family.
Libby was in town (and will be here until Christmas day) so it was great to be able to see her and little Wayne.
Libby was holding Wayne behind Becky and he was not happy about it
It was a very cold night but I think we were well prepared. At least for Tanner.
He was bundled up pretty well and never seemed to complain about the cold. His only complaint was wanting to get out of the stroller (of course).
sitting with cousin Wayne in the JSMB
I know this picture is really dark, but I just love how Tanner is just peaking over the bottom of the picture
Kollin on the other hand got super cold. He was going to bring a beanie to keep his ears warm, but in the end thought he'd be ok. Not so much. Oh well! At least we learned for next year!

And then here are some random tid pits from this month...
following Daddy around grocery shopping
snuggle time. this is the monkey he got at the George Q Cannon party from Santa (thanks Grandpa Stark!)
the classic baby bum in the air sleeping
Helping to put away laundry

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