Confirmed! and an update

I had another Dr. appointment today. Everything is looking good and normal. My belly is 27cm which I am told is perfect for being 27 weeks. And the baby is somewhere in the range of 3 to 3.5lbs, which I am told is also good. He had one small concern about my weight, since I have only gained 1lb since my last appointment. After I told him that I do not have any history of eating disorders, I eat (a lot), and I have always had a hard time gaining weight, and keeping it on my entire life, he said that was perfectly fine then and nothing to worry about. Especially since the baby is measuring just fine, moving around a lot and growing at the rate he should be. The Dr. also confirmed that the ultrasound tech had confirmed TWO more times in my second ultrasound that this little bugger is still a BOY as he was going over the results of that ultrasound with me. Apparently the ultrasound tech just didn't tell me that small tid bit... or maybe she did, and I just don't remember (stupid pregnancy brain).

With that being said, this post's question has now been put to rest! And since I have to have an ultrasound every 6 weeks to make sure my cervix isn't shortening, and I don't just drop the baby out, I will be sure to keep checking just to make sure.

I asked him some other questions, and that if it was normal for me to be sooo sore in my pubic bone area, and am I just being a wimp? Over the last week or two, I have been getting much more sore pretty much whenever I move my legs. Anytime from when I adjust my weight while sitting or laying down, to getting up and walking around. He had me point out where it was hurting and let me know that unfortunately that is completely normal, and that the cartilage in the pubic bone is starting to soften and it can be quite tender.

He is awesome though, he never gave me the impression that he thought I was being a wimp. He is always more than happy to answer all of my goofy first pregnancy questions, and I am so happy with how understanding he is! Since I know he has to probably deal with the same thing all. the. time... He still treats me like a real person with real feelings, and not just patient #xyz. I really need to get some more belly pictures, and sorry for slacking on that! It will happen, and they will be up almost as soon as they are taken! Until then, I guess just use your imagination in picturing my 27cm belly. hee hee!


Callie said...

That's what I love about male doctors, they are so understanding and only have their imagination on how it feels. I've heard horror stories with women doctors, especially ones that have had kids. They know what it feels like and, even though their experience was easy, doesn't mean yours is. Glad everything is going well. I want to do a family picture while I'm there so you'll have those pictures :)

Kelley Bamboo said...

Ali, I want to see your belly SO BAD!! I was telling Sara I'm glad you're still gonna be preggers when the fam and I are visiting, Lol.

Ali said...

Callie, I completely agree. I had a female Dr. at first, and HATED her. She wasn't very nice to me when I was telling her how sick I've been. That is the entire reason I switched to this current Dr. and I LOVE him!

Kelley, WHEN ARE YOU COMING??!?!?!?