Poor Picked on Chloe.

A few days ago, Chloe got herself stuck on the kitchen rug. She absolutely hates hardwood floors, and will do everything she can to avoid them. Which is exactly why we were so puzzled with how she got herself over here... Notice, no other carpet or rugs anywhere nearby. I tried to call her off the rug, but all she would do is stretch out as far as her little body would go, and still keep her tippy toes on the edge of the rug. I even tried walking further away and calling her. But still no dice. At this point, she is still completely stretched out, and whining because she "can't move." Down right refusing to leave that rug. See her little eyes glowing from around the corner? I thought it was the cutest thing, so figured I would snap some pictures of it before I picked her up and took her to another part of the house where there is carpet. I won't make a habit of that though, since I know Little Miss Smarty Pants will figure that if she wants to get picked up... just get stuck on the rug. This was only a one time exception for her... Since I was the Big Bad Mom and put her on it this time so I could get the pictures. hee hee At least now, I know I have a good "Time Out" spot for her if she ever needs it. She so good, I doubt it will ever get used though. She is such a silly little dog, and is always finding new ways to make me laugh and wonder what is going through that little head of hers!

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