Did Someone Say Cookies?

While Kollin and I were in Hawaii this February, he got his first taste of my family's oatmeal cookies. My dad had made a batch for the trip, and still had some left when we hung out with them.
Needless to say, Kollin LOVED them! I told him that my mom made these cookies all. the. time. growing up, and my dad took over after she passed away. He's getting really good at making them too!
So today, Kollin went out to change the oil on my car. I decided to make these wonderful cookies while he was out there and surprise him when he came back in.
When he was done and came back in the house, the first words out of his mouth were, "mmmm.... coooooookies!" He got very excited that I FINALLY made them since I've been saying I was going to make them since I made the carmels.
They tured out just yummy!

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Zanny said...

Oh! You need to post the recipe! Come on! Do it! I dare you!