Finally got to Hawaii!

Well, we're here! And it's about time too. We had SO much fun in California, but now the real vacation can begin!
This morning, we woke up super early to go to the airport. Remember how our tickets were going to be first class?
Didn't happen.
We go to check in, and the guy picks up the phone and starts dialing.... He then tells us that the scheduling people didn't know where we were, so they cancelled our booking for the flight. Even though we were there over two hours early! Before we started to hyperventilate, he said that he was just going to book us again on the same flight. But these tickets weren't first class.
Oh well. At least we still had our flight. When we boarded our plane, they sat us by the emergency exit door. Which was awesome because we got alllll this leg room! The flight was the longest flight ever! Well, at least according to Kollin. I just kept reminding him that flying to Hong Kong is much MUCH longer. Ya... didn't help. Oh well.
Anyway, we finally landed, found our luggage. Kollin's mom and grandma came and picked us up, and we headed to the house. This is another one of Kollin's aunt's houses. Aunt Kerry... Kerri... Kerrie? You get the picture.
This house is sweet.
This is the view from standing in the middle of her street...
Yup, that's the ocean straight ahead.
They even have a banana tree or two in their back yard.
And the hammock chair....
Ohhh the hammock chair!
Did I mention this house is sweet? I have tons of pictures of the inside, but those would just get boring. But let me just tell you, this house is in the ritzy rich people, the cheapest house on the block is over $1 million neighborhood. So the inside has beautiful appliances, furnishings and just about everything else. Even a kayak in the garage.
After we got all settled, unpacked and showered, we took off to do some shopping. With Kollin and me combined, I have a feeling there is going to be lots of shopping going on during this trip. When we got worn out, we stopped at Denny's and had dinner.
Kollin's grandma and mom, Kathy.
Hang loose man!
Funny thing is, it gets dark here really quick! And chilly. Even though "chilly" is a measly 70 or so degrees. Much better than the 20 or so degree weather at night and even during the day sometimes in Utah. So we are now just back at the house watching the Olympics.
I am so happy that we are finally here, and that we can actually relax! Now we just need to work on our tans....
P.S. Sorry about all the funny spacing, and paragraphs. Blogger is being stupid.

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