If you're going to San Fransisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair....

Aunt Linda is pretty good at keeping us busy. I hope that I am worn out enough to be able to get to sleep tonight at a decent hour to go to the airport at the crack of dawn. I think I woke up today around noon. After I had some breakfast and took a shower to get the travel stench off me from yesterday, we were off to the Oakland Zoo. Kollin's cousin Malinda works there. She took us behind the scenes of the zoo, which was pretty great. We got to touch the animals! And then, the animals we couldn't touch, she gave us a personal tour of part of the zoo. We weren't able to get all the way through it, because she got paged, and had to go. But the parts we saw, I am sure Hogle Zoo is very jealous of Oakland Zoo. Sorry Utah. All the sidewalks in the zoo had these little bugs every now and then. There were ants, beetles, dragonflies, butterflies....
Look out! The ants are gunna get you!
A fun little kiddie park in the zoo.
This is why I love him. Not afraid to make a fool of himself.
Trying on sun glasses in the gift shop.
I of course had to get a picture of me with the
PINK flamingos. (it was Kollin's idea)
We then drove into San Fran, and Linda took us to see the Cliff House.
We had to drive through a toll booth. One
more reason I love Utah.
Alcatraz Island.
These stop lights were awesome looking.
The Cliff House reminds me a lot of SaltAir, but it has been more updated. Back in the day, it was a place for entertainment, swimming, and great views. It burnt down in 1907, and was rebuilt to what it is today.
It was really fun. We took a little hike around it. I was definately not wearing the proper clothing or shoes for the day. But since I only brought one change of clothes in my carry on, I had no choice. There were times I had to go barefoot because my flip flops were slipping off. I like to hike barefoot anyway. Makes it more interesting.
Camera building to look out onto Seal Island.
You can see the tip of the Golden Gate Bridge over the rocks on the left.
Purdee sunset.....
After Malinda got off work, we all went out to dinner at this Italian restaruant called Kpescatore. We all got to visit, and eat goooooood food. There were a bunch of birthdays there today, it seemed. Every few minutes or so, the servers were singing Happy Birthday to a different table. As we were leaving, John told them they should start IDing people, since it is very unlinkely that there were so many birthdays. They thought it was a good idea.
John & Linda
Malinda, Me & Kollin
Now we're back at the house, and everyone is watching the Olympics. I figured I would do this now, instead of later. Since I'm pretty worn out, and probably won't be awake for much longer. And also, since I don't know if there is a computer at the house in Maui, or anywhere that I'd be able to find to use one. If that is the case, then the next time I'll be able to update this is the 21st. Just warning you!
Nigh night.

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