Whale watching anyone?

Well, it is our last day here in this tropical paradise. I'm about ready to cry. Why do we have to go back to the real world?
Today was a good last day. We went on a whale watching cruise, and actually saw a lot of whales! I wasn't thinking that we would really see any, or even that close. But we ended up seeing about 8 or 10 humpback whales all together. There was even a mommy and baby.
One even swam right under our boat. (the bright blue in the water) They boat crew said that's not too common.
After that, we had Carl's Jr. for lunch.... and it cost us almost $20. At least I'm glad I'm going back to where the prices on things are normal.
Now we are back at the house, and going to pack everything up so we can catch our red eye flight out of here.
Good bye Hawaii. You have been so good to us. We will be back soon!

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