Did someone say shopping?

I am a little tired today, but for very good reason. We literally shopped til we dropped. We drove to Lahaina and found this strip of shops that lasted forever. We didn't even make it all the way to the end. It was also right by the beach, which was pretty cool in my opinion.
There was a sunken ship out there too.
Apparently, it's been there for years, and it is just decoration now. Interesting...
The shopping was pretty fun. There was much money spent. I think the best thing I got today, was my pearl necklace. We did the open an oyster, and see if you get a pearl thing. Kollin did one, and I did two. Only because my second one was free since I got my first pearl mounted in a necklace pendant that cost me almost $200. But in my second oyster, I got two pearls! That was pretty neat.
There was also this park that had all these weird trees growing in it. Later, we found out that it was all just one big tree.
I don't know if you can see all the other trees in the background, but yup, all one tree.
We are back home now, and just dug through our loot. We totally scored. Who's up for shopping tomorrow?

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