Dinner and a Little Family History.

After the beach, we had a fun adventure. My dad and step mom were also in Hawaii, and even on the same island for a medical conference. So we planned to go hang out. This was also the first time that they finally met Kollin. What a better place to do so than in Hawaii? They came and picked us up, and we drove to I don't even know where. My dad is pretty good at knowing his way around places. So we took a very scenic route to where we were going. It was really fun to be able to see things that you normally wouldn't see as a tourist. We found this teeny tiny little town, which seemed to be in the middle of nowhere. There was a Mexican restaurant there that we decided to eat dinner at. Gwen, my step mom, realized when we were pulling into the parking lot, that she had ridden her bike here before, and eaten at the same place. That was pretty cool. As we were being shown to our table, a ceiling fan tried to kill my dad. It was probably going the fastest speed you can set it to, and with my dad being so tall (5'19" he likes to say, you do the math), walked right into it without even seeing it. WHACK! At least he wasn't bleeding. He probably had a pretty good lump though. From then on, any time that my dad stood up, everyone around us, the employees, and even the other patrons would all tell my dad to watch out! Poor guy. After that excitement, we ordered and ate. The food was really good. I was actually able to finish most of my meal, which doesn't happen often. After dinner, we drove to our desired destination. My dad told me that George Q. Cannon had a monument out here, and I really wanted to see it. He said it was really hard to find on your own (which was no joke), and would be happy to have that be our activity while hanging out. It was at this cute little chapel. I can't remember when it was built, but it was dedicated by Heber J. Grant if that gives you any kind of a timeline. I don't know if you can even read this, but it says stuff about the Hawaiian mission, and the establishment of the church in Hawaii. How the first baptism was performed near there and how the first branch was organized by George Q. Cannon and James Keeler in 18-something. Inside the cute little chapel. The pictures on the right and left are of Heber J. Grant and George Q. Cannon. This place was full of family history! Me and Kollin standing on the stand, and my dad on the ground level. Yup, he's tall. After, we all needed to use the restrooms. There wasn't one in the chapel, so we found a McDonald's and bought ice cream cones, and... ya know. My dad is big on not soliciting. When we were ordering, my dad was getting his credit card out to pay. All the sudden, Kollin whipped his card out, and slid it through the card reader so he could pay. It was pretty funny, like a quick draw from the old west. It looked like my dad and Gwen got a kick out of it too. I hope they like him! Thank you for the unforgettable experience Dad and Gwen!

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