More Beach Time!

Today, we went to another beach. This was one of the big and crowded ones. We played in the waves, did some boogie boarding, I got flipped around by a wave, and I was done. We then got out the Frisbee and started throwing it around. I think we only hit someone once. Hey, it was a little windy. I bought one of those waterproof, disposable cameras and took some pretty fun pictures. Hopefully I'll be able to get them on a disk when I develop them so I can load them on here too.
Later that evening, my dad invited us to go out to dinner with him and Gwen again. We met up with them in Lahaina and went to this really nice restaurant. Just like any other place we had been, this place had no windows. How awesome is that? We had perfect seats for the sunset too. I didn't think to get my camera out and take pictures, but Kollin did. He got some good pictures of it.
So, with that being said... More pictures to come from today... eventually!

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