2010 in Review

2010. Wow it went by fast! Maybe that is because it has been such a wonderful year for me? It has been one of the best years that I can remember in the recent past. And I owe it to Kollin. He has shown me that fairy tales do come true. I love him so much that it sometimes hurts. I am so grateful that we had been friends for so many years before we started dating and already knew each other so well. It did away with all of that awkward new relationship drama, and has made the "honeymoon phase" of the relationship last that much longer. I still don't think that phase has completely ended. Anyway! Enough of the mushy stuff! Here is a review of went on this year with us!
Went to Idaho and spent time with the little man
Went to Hawaii!
Stopped in California first
Ahhh... Hawaii....
Also got some family history in while there.
Touched slimy stuff.
More Hawaii.
Watched whales.
Went to a Bees game....
and a Jazz playoff game.
My nephew turned 1!
We are expecting!
Another nephew was born.
Went to the zoo with the little man.
Got to make a fun maternity Halloween costume.
The baby is growing!
Started making my mom's carmels.
The "blizzard" of 2010. FAIL.
Hung out at the aquarium with the little man.
Got crafty and made Christmas decorations.
Baby Wayne got blessed. Got to have an entire week with the little man!
Baby still growing!
and last but not least.... ChRiStMaS!!
There were many other events, but just weren't caught in pictures. Oh well.
Let's hope 2011 will be just as great! I know at least one thing that will help that along in February when we welcome our gummybear to the world. Can't wait to meet the little guy!

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