Crafty Ali Homemaker!

One thing (out of many) I can always look forward to during Christmas time at my parents' house, are the stockings that my Mother had made for each of us. They still hang on the mantle every year along with my step siblings' stockings. I asked my dad if I could steal mine this year to use as a base pattern for our stockings... I figured I would finally get crafty for Christmas and make ours! The shape, area for the names, rick rack and bells on the toes are directly copied from my Mom. The alternating colors (Mom's were all red), figures in the middle and heel and toe patches were Kollin's ideas. I also stitched around the edges and patches by hand since my sewing machine isn't working too well these days. Mom's were done by machine in those pretty artsy stitch settings. I think they turned out pretty darn good!
Kollin's and mine
the Little Man's and Gummy Bear's
Finished product on the fireplace!

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