Temple Square During Christmas Time.

Libby invited us to go to Temple Square with them, and we jumped at the chance! We were already talking about going this year, and it was just that much better to be there with a group of people. We also watched the Nativity movie in the Visitor's Center. Grandpa Cannon was so cute with baby Wayne. Actually made that kid look like a normal sized baby.... He's only 8 or 9 weeks old! (I think) We also all went on a carriage ride. (Grandpa is holding baby Wayne) Bob the horse, and his driver Mary Beth. They were both great. It was really warm today, and not that cold tonight. It was the perfect night to go! i always remember in the past just being freezing cold when we've gone to Temple Square to see the lights. Tonight, I didn't even really need a coat or gloves!

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